Find Your Sleep Sanctuary During Menopause

Reclaim the comfort of your evenings with a formula that reduces night sweats and promotes a peaceful sleep, so you wake up refreshed.

Menopause can definitely be a challenge, especially at night. Lying awake, feeling hot and uncomfortable from night sweats, and just longing for a good night's sleep. It's these restless nights that can really wear you down, affecting not just your sleep but how you feel the next day.

  • Quicker onset of sleep with Valerian and Hops, reducing the time spent tossing and turning, and helping maintain healthy sleep cycles for long-term wellbeing.
  • Hops supports oestrogen levels, contributing to overall hormonal balance during menopause.
  • With Zizyphus and Sage to specifically target and alleviate night sweats, you can finally stay comfortable through the night.
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Amazing for sleep and reducing night sweats.

"I started taking this about 3 months ago alongside the AM formula and what a relief for night sweats!

It took a while to work for sleep but I continued to take it every night and added in the Stress & Sleep PM Formula an hour before bed. The combination works really well for me and I feel far less stressed and irritable."

- Sharon, AU

Tossing and turning when you need sleep the most can drive you crazy, can't it? Those night sweats and hours spent staring at the ceiling during menopause just add to the day's stress.

What you're experiencing is a common reality for women during menopause, but it doesn't have to be.

Menopause Night Formula is carefully blended with Valerian,
Hops, and Zizyphus—herbs known for their sleep-inducing properties.

They work together to shorten the time it takes for you to fall asleep, encouraging a pattern of restful sleep. Sage and Zizyphus address those disruptive night sweats.

This formula works best when taken alongside our Calcium & Magnesium Plus K2 & D3 and Stress & Sleep PM Formula at night, and our Menopause Day Formula, in the mornings.

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Imagine slipping into bed and drifting smoothly into deep sleep. Think of waking up refreshed, without the exhaustion from night sweats. This isn't just about better sleep; it's about waking up ready to enjoy life more fully each day.

Wouldn't it be great to look forward to bedtime again, knowing you'll sleep soundly?

What would a full night's sleep mean for your day-to-day life?

Menopause Night Formula is tailored to address those menopause-specific night-time struggles. It helps decrease the time it takes to fall asleep and promotes healthier sleep patterns. Plus, it works to reduce those troublesome night sweats and supports your oestrogen hormone levels too.

Here's why you’ll love this formula:

  • Valerian, Hops and Zizyphus, traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to induce sleep and relieve restless sleep. 
  • Zizyphus and Sage, together also help to relieve night sweats associated with menopause.
  • Hops, is also oestrogenic making it ideal for women who are going through menopause and struggling with sleep.
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