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Stress & Sleep PM Formula

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K.A.(. (Melbourne, AU)
Great vegan option!

Love that this product is vegan friendly and contains passionflower, lavender oil, saffron & chamomile. 💚

Hayley Brooke (Hamilton, NZ)
Sleep & stress formula

Great to have an alternative to magnesium to take at night with saffron, passionflower, chamomile and withania instead. Plus lavender oil (very strong lavender smell!)

Rachael (Brisbane, AU)
Nutrobest has helped!

My husband and I are TTC. I have been taking the preconception tablets for a couple of months.
A month ago I started these other nutrobest tablets and powders. (That are in the photo)
And this is what has happened so far...
My mood/stress/anxiety has improved. I have noticed it has increased my libido, falling asleep quicker and it has even helped me not have antihistamine tablets daily for my dustmite allergy.

Highly recommend these products.

That's fantastic and exactly how they're meant to be taken! I'm so happy you've had such a great result and .I wish you all the best for your TTC journey. x


I take this alongside the calcium and magnesium powder and I find the combination works really well to help me get off to sleep. I've also noticed a reduction in PMS symptoms as well after taking it for a few months!

Tam (Brisbane, AU)
Haven’t gotten much benefit from product

I was taking as per instructions however have not had any improvement to either falling or staying asleep. The lavender oil also gives me indigestion