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Stress & Sleep PM Formula

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Smith (Sydney, AU)
Loving the Stress and sleep formula

I have been using this product for close to two weeks and can honestly say it has improved my sleep. I fall asleep a lot faster and have a more restful sleep since being on this product!

Monique Kernich
Sleepy time bliss

This supplement is fantastic if you struggle to have a deep, restful sleep. If you are sensitive to strong smelling capsules, then you may find this problematic as they do have a strong smell (its not unpleasant, its just intense). However, I find it easy to take and super helpful for calming my nervous system.

Paige Redford (Brisbane, AU)
The Stress & Sleep Formula are Amazing!

I have been taking the Stress & Sleep formula for the past month & wow my sleep has been the best its ever been. We are TTC is I feel they have helped me feel much more at ease which feels amazing. Thank you ☺️

Fantastic, great to hear Paige! We love this formula as well, it works especially well in combination with our calcium and magnesium powder :)

Great vegan option!

Love that this product is vegan friendly and contains passionflower, lavender oil, saffron & chamomile. 💚

Hayley B (Hamilton, NZ)
Sleep & stress formula

Great to have an alternative to magnesium to take at night with saffron, passionflower, chamomile and withania instead. Plus lavender oil (very strong lavender smell!)