Navigate Menopause with Confidence and Comfort

Reclaim Your Days: Our Menopause Day Formula Offers Support for Hot Flushes, Emotional Balance and Reduced Irritability.

Menopause can really disrupt your daily routine, right? The hot flushes, the sudden mood swings, and that constant feeling of being on edge – it's more than a little discomfort. It affects how you feel throughout the day, impacting your work, your relationships, and your overall sense of wellbeing. It doesn’t have to be this way.

  • Healthy Hormones: Support your body’s oestrogen levels for a more harmonious menopausal transition.
  • Reduce Common Symptoms: Specifically formulated to alleviate hot flushes, aggression, and irritability.
  • Promote Wellbeing: Enhance your emotional balance and support adrenal health for daily vitality.
  • Stress Adaptation: Fortify your nervous system, so you can better manage and adapt to stress.
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What People Are Saying

Relief for menopause!

"I started taking this about 3 months ago alongside the PM formula. I feel less stressed, less irritable and best of all my hot flushes have gone from 5 a day to only an occasional one! This is a godsend for menopause."

Jane, AU

Definite improvement

"Got this for my mum. She is very careful to make sure she’s not imaging effects- placebo like. Not in this case! She is very sure her sleep has really improved and itchiness is gone. Great product. Will continue to buy"

Anna, Melbourne AU

Feeling Better

"Good quality product. Been on it for a couple of weeks and feeling better."

Kellie, AU

Completely free of any hot flushes!

"I started having hot flushes out of the blue – throughout the day and night. I had been using a product for about 3-4 weeks with no improvement.

I took Menopause Day Formula during the day and Menopause Night Formula at night along with magnesium and taurine.

Completely free of any hot flushes and now sleeping through the night again. Awesome products!!!!"

- Jane, AU

Dealing with menopause can feel like a constant battle, can't it?

The hot flushes that disrupt your day, the sudden mood changes, and always being on edge. It's not just uncomfortable; it's how it affects all aspects of your life.

Our Menopause Day Formula is here to help.

It's designed to support oestrogen hormone levels, providing relief from those challenging hot flushes and mood swings.

It's a carefully balanced formula supporting emotional balance and adrenal health, helping your body better adapt to stress.

This formula works best when taken alongside our Menopause Night Formula.

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Imagine going through your day feeling more in control and balanced. Fewer interruptions from menopause symptoms, feeling calmer, and more like you. Our formula is about empowering you to experience a smoother, more comfortable day-to-day life during menopause.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and irritable, you can start feeling more like yourself again.

More composed, confident, and in control – that’s what you deserve, isn’t it?

Menopause Day Formula is specially designed to support oestrogen levels and tackle those challenging menopause symptoms. The formula works to alleviate hot flushes, reduce feelings of aggression and irritability, and promote emotional balance. It's also crafted to support your adrenal health and help your body adapt better to stress.

Here's why you’ll love this formula:

  • Red clover, commonly prescribed to support healthy oestrogen levels and reduce hot flushes during menopause.
  • St John’s Wort and Rehmannia, traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to support nervous system and adrenal health.
  • Black cohosh, used traditionally in Western herbal medicine for both hot flushes during menopause and as a selective oestrogen receptor modulator.
  • Saffron as the patented Affron®, helps to relieve the symptoms of stress, tension and irritability while improving sleep quality.
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