Nourish Their Future And Your Peace of Mind

Discover confidence with Prenatal Trimester 2 & 3 Plus Breastfeeding, expertly formulated for your unique journey from bump to breastfeeding.

The second half of pregnancy can be challenging – as your baby grows, so do their nutritional needs. Not to mention the early days of motherhood and breastfeeding. It's that constant worry if you're getting enough nutrients, if the baby’s developing well, and if you’ll have the strength to thrive among the demands of new motherhood.

  • Optimal Nutrient Support: Meet the heightened nutritional needs of trimesters two and three and breastfeeding with the highest amount of choline in a prenatal multivitamin in the world.
  • Healthy Development: Key ingredients like choline and iodine contribute to crucial foetal brain development.
  • Postnatal Health: Carefully selected vitamins and minerals replenish and support you after birth.
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What People Are Saying

Highly recommended

"3rd pregnancy and this prenatal doesn't make me sick compared to others I've used in the past. Comes highly recommended from holistic care providers. Convenient that it's essentially a box a month. Easy to budget and see when you're running out. The only product I know of that has seperate formulas for different stages of pregnancy."

Hannah, Melbourne AU

Great prenatal vitamins!

"Love these vitamins. I keep on repurchasing them all the time. They are gentle on my stomach and don’t make me sick like some other ones do."

Alina, Sydney AU

So happy with my prenatal vitamins

"Have been using for the past 5 months after realising that ‘other brands’ don’t cater for the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Am so happy with my prenatal vitamins. Prefer buying through direct through manufacturers website as the correct product hasn’t been dispensed through chemist and health food stores.
Funny smell but you get used to it.
So glad to have found a great product."

Samantha, AU

Amazing Pregnancy Support

"I've used the NaturoBest pregnancy supplements since preconception, I honestly think they are amazing. They were recommended to me by my acupuncturist and now I wouldn't buy anything else. The Prenatal Trimester 2 & 3 has quite a strong smell/flavour but when I think about everything it's providing to me and my baby you just get on with it!"

Jodie, Melbourne AU

Great supplement

"I found this brand of pregnancy supplements great. I took them throughout pregnancy and whilst still breastfeeding. They were very easily absorbed and did not make me feel nauseous. Very gentle on the stomach."


NaturoBest are the best!

"I've been taking NaturoBest Prenatal supplements since prior to conception and I am now in trimester 3. These came highly recommended from my naturopath. I read so many stories about prenatal vitamins making pregnant woman feel nauseous but rest assured these won't. They are so easy to take and I've felt fantastic my entire pregnancy. Look no further for a great prenatal supplement!"


Will use again

"Great product I took all the way through pregnancy and breastfeeding. Kept my levels at a good level making me feel more human in the newborn days."

Sam, AU

The BEST Prenatal!

"As recommended to me by 2 different naturopaths, this is the BEST prenatal. My levels were all fantastic throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Highly recommend spending a little extra on these vitamins than the other ones available in the pharmacy."

Angela, AU

Loving the new formula

"I took NaturoBest for my last pregnancy and taking again with this one. I love that the latest formula has 400mg of choline, I'm going to have a super smart baby! It has a stronger vitamin smell than the previous one but I find that if I throw it into a smoothie, I can't smell it at all."

Lily, AU

A mother's essential!

"I used this right through my pregnancies and while breastfeeding my kids. I was really happy with this supplement and am sure it gave my kids a great start."

Jess, AU

Great pregnancy and postpartum multivitamin

"This multivitamin really benefited me during the second and third trimester and beyond. It definitely gave me extra energy - especially in the fourth trimester when I was breastfeeding quite regularly and very sleep deprived! Highly recommend."

Yvette, AU

Used both pregnancies, and love them!

"I have used these for both pregnancies and well into my breastfeeding journey and love them!

Helped keep me and baby healthy and I’ve even converted both my sisters to use the product in their pregnancies.

They can be a little more expensive than other prenatal but I would say it’s worth the money! Definitely recommend! "

- Alisha, AU

You're in the thick of pregnancy, and while it's so incredibly exciting, it can also be overwhelming, right? You're constantly bombarded with do's and don'ts, especially about nutrition. It's that niggling worry – am I getting enough nutrients? Is my baby developing well? It's these questions that can keep you up at night.

Here's where Prenatal Trimester 2 & 3 Plus Breastfeeding steps in. This isn't just any prenatal vitamin; it's tailored nutritional support for this very stage – your second act in pregnancy, through to breastfeeding.

With just the right amounts of iodine, choline, zinc, vitamin D, and activated B vitamins – all crucial for you and your little one's health. And with the iron bisglycinate as Ferrochel®, you're getting an easily absorbed iron that's gentle on the stomach. It's like having a nutritional expert right there with you, making sure you both get exactly what you need, no guesswork required.

Imagine feeling that peace of mind, knowing you’re ticking all the boxes for your baby's development and your wellbeing. Picture the relief of not having to stress about your diet every day.

With these vitamins, you can feel confident and assured, free to focus on the joy of your pregnancy and the bond of breastfeeding. That's the comfort we all seek when bringing life into the world, isn't it?

With Prenatal Trimester 2 & 3 Plus Breastfeeding, you're not just taking a supplement; you're nourishing your body and your baby’s future, ensuring you both get the essential nutrients for a healthy development and making sure you're up for the amazing journey of motherhood and giving your little one the best start at life.

Here's why you’ll love this formula:

  • Folate, as Quatrefolic®, the 4th generation active folate for easy absorption alongside folinic acid.
  • Iron, as Ferrochel®, a well absorbed and well tolerated form of iron.  
  • 400mg of choline, for baby’s brain development.
  • Copper free!
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