Brenda – Recurrent Miscarriage

Hi my name is Brenda and my husband and I have a beautiful daughter who is just about to turn five.  When we started our family over five years ago we thought we would have just over a couple of years age gap between our children, however that wasn't to be.  I have had five miscarriages since we started trying for our second child.  It has been such an emotional roller coaster, anyone who has been through this experience can totally relate to this.  You find out you are pregnant, you get excited, you start mentally planning what you are going to do and then when you miscarry it feels as though all your hopes and dreams have gone out the window.  I mostly miscarried between 6 - 10 weeks, only once did I have to go and have a D & C which in itself is a pretty traumatic experience.  On our journey to work out why this kept happening to us we were referred to a miscarriage unit.  At that stage I had had three miscarriages.  After a lot of tests and investigation and waiting we found that both my husband and I were perfectly normal and there was no medical reason as to why I miscarried.  You can imagine that this was quite frustrating to us and we were told just keep trying and one day it will happen.  After another two miscarriages I decided that I could not handle that emotional roller coaster anymore so we stopped trying.

As fate would have it one of my closest friends knew of a naturopath who specialises in fertility.  I had been told of naturopaths many times by different friends but this time it felt different, it was meant to happen.  So I rang Nikki at Natural Reproductive Care for an appointment which lasted nearly two and a half hours.  I did a hair analysis test that was to be sent away.  Two weeks later I had another appointment with Nikki to discuss the results and a treatment plan was organised for me.  Well 3 - 4mths later I was pregnant with our second child, 26 weeks this Thursday.

Nikki I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I truly believe that if it wasn't for you we would not be in this position right now. Nikki has gone beyond the call of duty with me many times, meeting me at the organic health shop to show me what I should and should not be eating.  I know it should be pretty straightforward but I also have gestational diabetes which doesn't help matters.  I have made many phone calls to Nikki about different problems that I have had along the way, and she has always been so happy to help.  So if you are reading this and wondering if you should go and see Nikki, then fate is also on your side, pick up the phone and call her now.