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Calcium & Magnesium Plus K2 & D3

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Natashad (Brisbane, AU)
Love this

Super easy to drink, easy way to get my calcium up. Loving it so far!

Rhona (Brisbane, AU)
Calcium & Magnesium Plus K2 & D3

Great healthy product, pleasant tasting & easy to drink. My annual tests show good results from taking a daily dose. Everything I need in one daily scoop. Thank you

TK (Melbourne, AU)
Love it!

Great combination. I was a bit apprehensive about the taste, but it tasted good, and was easy to take. Highly recommend. Great service and fast delivery too.

China V (Melbourne, AU)

Noticed a huge difference in energy and my sleep is so much better, plus this tastes exactly like Peter lemonade icy poles 😍

That's great to hear! Haha, we think so too, so yummy! :)

Sophie (Auckland, NZ)
Seems to work a treat

I'm currently in my second trimester and I've been taking this in the evenings and mornings after working out to help reduce DOMs and muscle seems to be helping as I've noticed less of this after my workouts. Helps get me off to sleep with ease too. The taste is pleasant enough to have with just water but also works well with juice mixed in or in a smoothie