Prepare for Labour with Confidence

Discover the power of raspberry leaf and squaw vine, trusted by traditional Western herbal medicine to prepare your uterus for birth and support your recovery.

You've been doing an incredible job carrying your little one and preparing for their arrival. But of course, the third trimester is not without its challenges, especially as you approach the final stretch. The physical discomfort, the uncertainty about the labour process, and wanting everything to be perfect for when your baby arrives—it's a lot to handle.

  • Prepare your body for labour, and support one of life’s most significant moments.
  • Raspberry leaf, shown in studies to reduce the second stage of labour by 9.6 minutes.
  • Squaw vine included to traditionally assist with and facilitate the birthing process.
  • Support your recovery post-birth and get straight into cherishing your new bub. 
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What People Are Saying

Great Products

"I’ve been using NaturoBest products from the preconception capsules all the way through my pregnancy using their prenatals for each designated trimester and now to the Birth Prep & Recovery capsules. I trust the quality of their products and feel confident knowing they have the right ingredients needed to nourish Bub. Three weeks to go and I’m excited to see if the birth prep and recovery will help my uterus prepare for birth, I have every confidence in them."

K, Brisbane AU

Love it

"Awesome alternative to drinking raspberry leaf tea."

Catherine, Perth AU

Made the difference

"Our women’s health naturopath recommended NaturoBest supplements and these along with their acupuncture made all the difference!"

Hiroyuki, Melbourne AU

Birth prep & recovery

"Have just started taking these since week 34 as recommended. Smaller capsules than the other NaturoBest products which I like as they are easier to swallow!"

Emma, Auckland NZ

Excited to see the difference it makes

"I have always taken Raspberry Leaf Tea in the weeks leading up to birth, but never liked the taste. Excited to see the difference this will make."

Charlene, Brisbane AU

Number 1

"Love this product for preparing myself to my last step of pregnancy. I have been using NatureBest products for all my pregnancy. I recommend them!"

A, Wellington NZ

Happy with my purchase.

"I have recently started taking birth prep as I am 37 weeks and have only a few weeks to go. I’m happy to know I’m taking a great product that I can trust!"

Claudia, AU

This time round I took Birth Prep & Recovery. And I'm soo glad I did.

"Last pregnancy I had to get induced, I was 10 days over and labour went over 9 hours. I had Braxton hicks for 3 days straight prior to being induced, my body was exhausted by then.

This time round I believe the Birth Prep & Recovery really helped my body for labour. With only 3 hours of labour she was born on her exact due date.

Definitely had a positive birth this time round. And I was drug free. "

- Jessica, AU

Approaching the final weeks of pregnancy can sometimes feel a bit daunting, can't it? There's the anticipation of labour and the worry about how long and challenging it might be. You're looking for ways to make the birth as smooth as possible and to bounce back swiftly afterwards.


That's where Birth Prep & Recovery comes in. It's packed with raspberry leaf and squaw vine—two herbs with a long tradition in Western herbal medicine for toning the uterus and preparing it for labour. The exact amount of raspberry leaf in this formula is scientifically acknowledged to shave over 9 minutes off the pushing stage. Just the right amount is in there, precisely measured to align with those study findings and support you through birth as best as possible.

Imagine feeling more at ease as your due date approaches, knowing you're supporting your body with nature's wisdom. And after the birth, when you're holding your bub, you could find comfort in the fact that you've taken steps to support your recovery.

It's about giving you more time bonding, and enjoying those precious first moments with your little one.

Birth Prep & Recovery could be a game-changer for you. It's thoughtfully formulated with two specific herbs that have been traditionally used to get your uterus in the best shape for what's to come, and help you through the big day.

Here's why you’ll love this formula:

  • Raspberry leaf has been shown to reduce the second stage of labour (the pushing stage) by 9.6 minutes when taking 1.2 grams twice daily from 32 weeks of pregnancy (the amount found in Birth Prep & Recovery).
  • Squaw vine is traditionally used to prepare for and facilitate labour, it is generally used in the last trimester of pregnancy.
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