Sonya – Fertility

Being in my early 40's I thought I had left my family run too late as nothing was happening two years after we decided to give it a go, and to be honest after one attempt at IVF which set us back 9K, I had just about given up.  A friend of mine had been to see Nikki at Natural Reproductive Care and said to go and have a chat with her as she is passionate about fertility and she was right.  Nikki was a breath of fresh air and after hair analysis, blood tests and a lot of questions about our day to day lives, nutrition and social activities Nikki put us on a course of natural potions and we followed her every detail.

After 12 weeks I was pregnant. Yay! I couldn't believe it. Nikki was as excited as us and from that moment on, she followed our progress and months until little Jack was born.  I strongly recommend everyone I know who is thinking of having a family to talk to Nikki.  No matter what your age you don't know if you can fall pregnant immediately and even if you can, are you healthy on the inside?  Are all your mineral levels where they should be, as I have found doctors only worry about the common things like iron not calcium, folic acid, selenium etc.

Thanks Nikki you're the best.

Sonya gave birth to Jack in May 2007.