Roz – Fertility

My husband and I decided to seek some extra help after trying to conceive for 8 months with no success.  We are both 32 and 33 years of age and didn't want to wait a whole year before seeking some help.  We made an appointment with Nikki at Natural Reproductive Care who was recommended to me by a good friend.  She had told me a lot of wonderful things about Nikki and how she had helped a few of her friends get pregnant that previously tried IVF and not been successful with that, so we were very enthused about starting a consultation with Nikki.

After our initial consultation we both did a number of tests to make sure we were all okay - I did all the blood tests and my husband did the sperm analysis tests.  His result was not so good; he had a low count and not a lot of them were very good - his motility and morphology was very low - we were told by our doctor it would not be impossible for us to get pregnant but it would take longer for us.  Our zinc levels were very low which is a very important mineral for fertility and my iron was also very low.  So Nikki started us on a regime of vitamins and herbs to help with our issues; we were on these for 3.5 months.  Our zinc improved and my iron got to a very good level within 2 months. We followed her instructions to the book - my husband gave up coffee, he had already cut down on alcohol a long time before we saw Nikki and he also cut down on coke.  We followed her instructions strictly and successfully got pregnant from a cycle in December 3.5 months later.

I am now 11 weeks pregnant and very excited.  We learnt a lot from Nikki and we are really happy about being pregnant; because we saw Nikki before getting pregnant, we were both able to get ourselves into tip top shape for pregnancy.  My iron was at a great level so I have had good energy levels.  My husband's energy levels improved and he felt a lot better within himself, so not only were we successful getting pregnant, but we both improved our health at the same time.  The money spent to get this to happen was priceless for the result we both have.  I would totally recommend Nikki as your Fertility Naturopath as she is very clued up on what she is doing and is positive that there is always a way to solve a problem.  She has a great personality and is very professional to deal with.  You just need to commit to giving it time and following her plan; then you will see success.  I will continue to see Nikki throughout my pregnancy and after.

Roz gave birth to Ethan (picture above) in November 2008.