Kat Boyd

Interview with Kat Boyd

How did you find out about Nikki's course?

I heard about Nikki through a mutual friend of ours. Our friend and I are both personal trainers who work with a lot of pre and postnatal women. She thought Nikki would be a good connection to have with her area of expertise in natural conception care/ fertility assistance and health.

I have been following Nikki for some time and believe her message is so important. You hear of so many women struggling to conceive naturally and resort to the expensive and stressful process of IVF. It makes you wonder, had they have known more information about preconception planning and care, would their situation be different?

I attended one of Nikki's seminars in Sydney and listened to her story and motivation for becoming a fertility naturopath and this really resonated with me.  It's something I believe is highly important for all women wanting to conceive.


What made you decide to sign up?

When my husband and I made the decision to begin trying for a baby, it only made sense to me to start taking her preconception multi. I then reached out to Nikki about our situation and she suggested purchasing her ‘Preparing for Pregnancy and Becoming Supplement Savvy’ courses.

For the price of one naturopathic consultation, you are getting a heap of information about how to understand your cycle, what tests you should do prior to trying to conceive, how to interpret those results and then how to take action based on your results to boost any of those key hormones, vitamins and minerals.

My mum had 4 miscarriages when she was trying to conceive, so I wanted to know what I can do to support my body to conceive naturally and reduce the risk of any miscarriage and fertility challenges.

Getting the blood test results back and then having the information at your fingertips in the online course to action straight away is amazing. Although your results may fall into the "normal" ranges, Nikki discusses optimal levels for women wanting to conceive as well as educating you on the importance of why these key hormones, vitamins and minerals are vital for the body and mother. Nikki is also available on the closed NaturoBest Babies Facebook group to answer all of your questions.


What did the course involve?

Nikki has a range of online courses available but I purchased the Preconception Package for Women which includes the ‘Preparing for Pregnancy’ and ‘Becoming Supplement Savvy’ modules which is great value. The e-courses are delivered via a PowerPoint presentation with Nikki talking in the background about all the information on each slide and more. It’s very easy to follow and understand and Nikki has a great conversational style of delivery which makes it very easy to understand.


Have you found it helpful? Would you recommend it to other prospective mums?

I would 100% recommend her courses to any woman thinking about becoming a mum. Regardless if this is their first, second or third pregnancy.

Growing a baby is a massive job. As Nikki says in her course, it’s like building a house... if you don’t build a house properly, you can get problems like water leaks! If you are going to grow a baby, it needs optimal nutrient levels to form all the parts of a body. It's like a chain of events and it only has a certain amount of time for those things to develop before it goes onto the next developmental phase. Not only that, but during pregnancy, the mother’s nutrient levels will be getting depleted to grow the baby. So it makes sense that we want to boost nutrient levels prior to conceiving. Not only for the baby, but also the mother!


How has the course changed your approach to falling pregnant?

It has 100% made me go and get all the necessary tests done to determine my current levels and highlight anything that needs boosting prior to conception.  Fatigue was something that was already concerning me so I wanted to know my current level of iron stores. I learned in Nikki’s course that prior to conception we want to boost iron levels, so once I had my results back I was then able to know what to do to boost these.

There are also so many other fantastic pieces of information in Nikki’s courses such as the quality of supplements, the comparison of a lower grade supplement vs a high-quality one, key nutrients to help support breastfeeding, reducing morning sickness, stretch marks etc and without giving it all away all this information just blew my mind and made me want to take the necessary steps Nikki recommends in her Preparing for Pregnancy course before my husband and I started trying.

I also believe that having the information about my mother’s challenges to fall pregnant was another key motivator for me to do my homework before trying to have a baby.


Do you think that demand for this type of service is increasing because we are increasingly distant from pregnancy/birth etc? (e.g. back in the day, we all grew up in homes with our extended families so were exposed to birth and pregnancy from a very young age and were more connected to family wisdom on the topic)

Yes - to a degree but I also think life has become so much more fast-paced with multi-factorial reasons why women are now working more, potentially having more stress in their lives, having babies later in life and expecting to just fall pregnant as soon as they start trying. There may have been several years of a certain way of life such as high alcohol intake or severely low intake of good fats and/or many years on the contraceptive pill, all of which could have depleted key nutrient levels required for conceiving.

There is also an increase in fertility challenges such as PCOS and endometriosis so women are looking for assistance to help them fall pregnant.


What have you told friends/family about the course?  Have people been curious as to why you would choose to take a course like this?

I haven't really told many people about the course. I do sometimes share Nikki's posts on my social media pages as we do have a common client market.

A few clients do mention to me the over-the-counter supplements they are taking or that they have been trying to fall pregnant for a few months without success, so then I will recommend Nikki's courses and her supplement range.

I, unfortunately, think the big pharmaceutical companies have such a big budget to market their products so women turn to them when thinking about trying for a baby without REALLY knowing the quality of it. Maybe they aren't aware of what's in it, or aware of what makes up a low-grade quality supplement vs a higher quality one. Perhaps it's just that the product is so heavily marketed and available at the local pharmacy that this is why they choose it. Some people have the viewpoint of "just start trying" rather than getting too caught up in all the testing and re-testing. I do believe personal circumstances/situations direct your interests and being a personal trainer for pre and postnatal women, this is clearly an area of interest for me and something I believe to be important for my own preconception and pregnancy journey.


How do you think the world would benefit from more women doing courses like this?

I think there could be a lot less stress and challenges if women and men knew more about preconception care. It can be a distressing time for a woman and her husband/partner when friends around them are falling pregnant and they have been trying for some time and not been successful.

If we look at the 'building a house' analogy, you would do your research into the materials you need to build a house so that it is strong, supportive and safe to live in.  We need to get this message across to women that growing a baby is no different.  Do Nikki's course to do your research into what your body needs, how to understand your cycle to know when you are most fertile to conceive and get educated around quality supplements to take to support your body and baby.

Nikki is a wealth of information and driven by her own story to really assist women in understanding their fertility for overall health and conception. She has created her own clean and high-quality supplement range that I would absolutely recommend to any woman. Nikki explains to you what's in the supplements and why she has chosen the ingredients in each of her products.

Get on board the NaturoBest Facebook and Instagram pages and check out her products :)