Diana – Amenorrhoea, Preconception, Prenatal and Postnatal Care

I had been using Depo Provera for contraception for 6½ years and my periods had stopped completely after the first few months of use.  At the time I was not concerned about how long it may take for my cycle to become regular again.  I decided to come off Depo Provera as additional research came to light highlighting the side effects of loss of bone density and it was recommended that it was used for a maximum of two years only and not as a long term measure.  I was aware it could take up to two years to have a regular cycle again after coming off Depo Provera, however after two years I was still yet to have any period, let alone a regular cycle.  My GP was surprised, although not concerned, as I was not trying to conceive.  At 27 years old I was anxious to have a regular cycle to ensure I am able to conceive when the time is right for me.

A friend of mine suggested I consult a naturopath specialising in fertility and it was through this recommendation I discovered the Natural Reproductive Care website.  I spoke with Nikki who assured me she could help.  After an initial consultation and blood tests it was discovered I had subclinical hypothyroidisim and my sex hormone levels were low indicating pituitary dysfunction.  I was anxious and worried that my long term fertility was at risk but Nikki was supportive and knowledgeable and reassured me that a natural approach would support the return of a regular cycle.  I started a herbal remedy and supplement programme and after three months my thyroid hormones were back within a normal range.  After four months I had still not had a period so Nikki changed the herbs and supplements slightly and I had a period within a month.  My body is slowly but surely settling into a regular cycle again.  As a result of the anxiety and stress I have felt, along with the detrimental effects on my body and my cycle, I would suggest women seriously consider alternative options to Depo Provera.  I have felt a sense of relief that I am getting back to normal.

Nikki has been fantastic, she has clearly explained my condition and what is happening in my body and she has given me options along the way in the approaches we have taken.  I have been very impressed with Nikki’s speedy communication and follow up contact.  I will continue to follow Nikki’s advice and will consult with her again when I am ready to start a family.

Note from Nikki - Diana did consult me for a preconception plan and after an easy conception is due to have her first baby in April 2014.