Charly – Fertility

My husband and I had made that big life decision to start a family and were really excited about starting this next part of our lives. However we had a bit of a road block to get over as my husband had just finished nearly three years of chemotherapy as treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and I had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  I had serious doubts that we would get pregnant naturally, if at all.  It seemed like an impossible task!  We had talked about the fact that we might not be able to have children at all and decided that even if we couldn't it would do my husband good to have a good 'clean out' after all that chemotherapy.

One day I was talking with a clairvoyant and they mentioned seeing a naturopath for our fertility.  I couldn't believe she had brought the subject up - how could she have known we had issues with fertility?  Having been quite open to alternative medicine in the past, I looked into it and after many phone calls and research I came across Nikki Chad at Natural Reproductive Care.

After an initial consultation, blood tests, sperm test and hair analysis my husband and I went on a three week detox and then continued on a regime set by Nikki for our individual needs.  After only 4 months - we fell pregnant! Honestly, we just couldn't believe it.  Right through the initial months of trying, throughout the pregnancy and after the birth Nikki has been on hand for advice and assistance and I love the fact that she contacts me before I run out of things so I never have to worry about following up - and with baby brain it makes my life so much easier.  It was also really helpful that Nikki was so flexible with her hours - being able to call, e-mail or drop in at different times suited my lifestyle.  When I had originally started looking for a naturopath I found that they only worked 'office hours' which didn't help me much as I also worked 'office hours' and couldn't take time off during the day.  The best thing about Nikki - she is a mother as well so had been through everything I was going through and could give me honest advice which I could trust.

Our little girl - Madeline - was born on 19th January 2010 - and she is just perfect!