Belinda Mason

I have completed “Preparing for Pregnancy”, “Female Fertility and Hormone Balance” and “Becoming Supplement Savvy” (available as a package here) as part of my preconception plan and I cannot speak highly enough of the information that Nikki has made available through her online courses. I only wish I had known this information for my previous two pregnancies.

The breadth of knowledge Nikki shares in an easily understood format throughout the online courses I have completed, has left me feeling empowered on my pregnancy journey which is so important to me and I think any mum to be. I feel much more confident heading into my third pregnancy than I did with either of my first two children.

The skills I have learnt from Nikki’s online courses are not just something I will apply to my pregnancy but also beyond the birth of my children for both myself and my family, particularly in relation to interpreting blood test results and buying supplements. This is information any person should know if they truly want to take control of their health.

I remember leaving the GP after falling pregnant with my first child and being told shortly before leaving that 1 in 3 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Whilst the statistic may not have changed, with the help of Nikki’s courses I now understand why it is that miscarriage may occur. I can go into the pregnancy with my eyes wide open. It is so important to arm people with knowledge rather than just statistics without knowledge.

We always want the best for our children, particularly once they are born. I have a new appreciation for how important this is, even at the preconception phase before even falling pregnant; not only for myself but for my husband.  It really does take ‘two to tango’.

The manner in which Nikki presents the information in her courses leaves me wanting to find out more and expand my knowledge base. Furthermore, Nikki is available as a resource above and beyond her courses which allows you to have any additional queries answered directly, leaving you not only with peace of mind but further strengthens the information contained in her courses.

I would encourage every woman who is about to embark on this next chapter in their lives to do themselves (and their future family) a favour and enrol in her online courses. You will be left feeling empowered on your pregnancy journey which is the best possible gift for your unborn child.