Amy – Prenatal Care

Why I chose Nikki to be my naturopath:

  • Professional
  • Trusted
  • Well-organised
  • Current in knowledge
  • Tries new products
  • Offers a great Pregnancy Pack and info sheets
  • Orders supplements before I need to ask
  • Works varied hours
  • Approachable
  • Caring
  • Modern- using internet to order supplements and to make payments
  • Trained Naturopath and Doula
  • Mother

This is my 6th pregnancy. I had two children very close together and then 3 successive miscarriages.  With this pregnancy, I changed naturopaths and Nikki has been looking after me. I have never felt so good pregnant! I had no morning sickness after seeing Nikki and haven’t suffered constipation like I did with my previous pregnancies. Also, my blood pressure was low at the beginning of my pregnancy, and this made me feel dizzy when I stood up and contributed to fatigue. I no longer suffer from these problems now that Nikki has put me on a tonic which has increased my blood pressure to within the normal range and my energy levels have been fantastic! I feel secure and cared for because Nikki is reminding me when to do certain things and I don’t need to try to remember everything. After suffering 3 miscarriages, I was anxious about this pregnancy, so Nikki put me on a herbal tonic to relieve my anxiety and help me cope with stress. I was extremely impressed with how I felt and finally felt at ease. I feel secure that my health won’t suffer through the baby stripping me of all the nutrients as Nikki has arranged a supplement plan to keep up my strength also. I would thoroughly recommend Nikki, as she is a mother and has helped at other births as a Doula. She understands what it is like to be pregnant. She has empathy and finds solutions when you are experiencing difficulties during the pregnancy process.

Amy Young – due date 24/07/09

Amy had her son on 20/07/09 and had this to say – I had a great pregnancy, and my birth was the birth I have always wanted.  Thanks Nikki for constantly assessing my needs during the pregnancy and for helping me manage my birth with the aid of herbs, vitamins, minerals and homeopathic medicines. After the birth I experienced some shock, due to the quick labour, but I had pineapple juice, arnica and my calcium-magnesium supplements on hand to help manage this. In the days and weeks since giving birth I have been told how amazing I look. I have felt really good and I am certain it is because I am keeping on top of things by using supplements and herbs. I am happy that I am finally able to hold and breastfeed the baby I have been trying to have since 2006.