Amanda – Preconception, Prenatal, Doula and Postnatal Care

Thanks Nikki for all your wonderful work you have done to get our precious healthy boy here. From preconception care where you got my body in tip top condition for conceiving (which happened within 3 months of my husbands vasectomy reversal!!) then through the first trimester with lots of tricks for dealing with morning sickness then through the rest of my pregnancy ensuring my body and my baby were receiving the necessary nutrients that we needed.

Then onto my labour – you were an amazing Doula and support person to get me through labour. My obstetrician could not believe it, for a first time mother to have such a quick and easy labour (less than 3 hours) – I definitely put this down to all your lotions and potions and support!!Β  I would highly recommend Nikki for anyone out there needing any type of help from preconception care to being there as a Doula for your labour!!

Thanks Nikki you are a star.

Amanda gave birth to Jackson in February 2009.