Award-winning Australian Brand NaturoBest Launches 100% Recyclable Packaging

by Nikki Warren on Aug 02, 2022

Award-winning Australian Brand NaturoBest Launches 100% Recyclable Packaging

Nikki Warren, founder of award-winning prenatal vitamin brand NaturoBest, has announced the launch of 100% recyclable packaging.  “We committed to this a year ago with our contract manufacturer. The tooling equipment to enable this packaging is very expensive so not many manufacturers are able to provide it.  We signed a deal and had to wait for the machinery to arrive from overseas.  Of course, the freight delays due to Covid severely impacted this but we are excited that we finally get to launch this in August”, Nikki says.

The blister packaging is 100% aluminum rather than having a see-through plastic side. “The other bonus about this packaging is that it will be able to withstand humidity and higher temperatures making the products more stable. In theory, this should lead to longer shelf life, but we won’t know until our stability testing is complete”, Nikki reveals. 

The move to recyclable packaging is part of the company’s sustainability program aimed at doing its part to tackle climate change and helping to protect the environment.

NaturoBest is also moving to digital marketing materials rather than printed promotional materials for health practitioners.  Nikki states “When I practiced as a fertility naturopath, I hated the amount of paper I was given from sales reps.  Most of it ended up in the recycling bin.  I much preferred having a soft copy of the information and that’s our intention moving forward”.

The company has always stored its products in a solar-powered warehouse and used a 100% carbon neutral delivery process but this year they installed solar panels at their head office so they could rely on the sun for electricity during the day.  Nikki is even able to charge her electric car during sunny days using electricity from the solar panels on the office roof.

 Earlier this year, NaturoBest won the APAC Insider Best Global Prenatal and Prenatal Vitamin Company 2022 award. This award is in addition to two silver awards won by Nikki in the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards. Her signature product, Prenatal Trimester One, a 2-in-1 prenatal vitamin that also reduces morning sickness, won the silver Product Design Award and she won the silver Health & Wellbeing Award for the NaturoBest range.

 The range has expanded this year with the release of 11 new products, mostly herbal supplements aimed at helping women with hormone imbalances that could affect their fertility.  In addition, there is a product for birth preparation and another for breastfeeding mothers, to increase milk supply and quality.

NaturoBest ships worldwide and customers can order online at