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Prenatal Trimester One with Ginger | Morning Sickness Relief | 60s & 120s pack sizes

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Yemima (Sydney, AU)
I love it!

I love this supplement. Me and my husband took the preconception one 2 months before I got pregnant. Now I’m on my 11 weeks pregnancy and have been taking the prenatal trismester on with ginger. It’s have been great for me. I still got nausea but not that bad and it’s usually happened when I’m hungry.

Alana Mongan (Melbourne, AU)
Great quality product

No nasty taste
Quick delivery
High quality ingredients

I.L. (Melbourne, AU)
All day sickness

I really like this product. I’ve taken the preconception pills for a few weeks fell pregnant and now I’m at 10 weeks and on the trimester 1 vitamins.
I’ve unfortunately found everyday that I’ve taken them whether is breakfast or lunch I feel nauseas and more fatigued.
I didn’t suffer from nausea the whole pregnancy until I’ve started taking the pills. I did a test over the weekend and didn’t take them for 2 days I felt great had more energy and today just took them again and completely sick and have been a couch potato a day.

Ashlee Filiz (Melbourne, AU)

Soooo much better than other brands. Easy to digest no yucky after taste. Highly recommend

Kristi (Brisbane, AU)
Caused nausea

I switched to the Trimester One Multi after months of taking the Preconception Multi. From day one of taking the Trimester One Multi I experienced all day nausea. This continued for a week until I realised the cause. As soon as I switched back to the Preconception Multi my nausea subsided.

Oh what a shame, usually it's the other way around as women find the iron makes them feel nauseous! I'm glad you were able to tolerate the preconception multi though :)