Preconception care boosts fertility

Preconception Care and Pregnancy Outcome

The Foresight Preconception Association in the U.K. carried out a study involving 367 couples who took part in a preconception health care program.

Among the participating couples, 217 (59%) had a previous history of reproductive problems:

  • 136 were infertile
  • 139 had a history of miscarriages
  • 11 had a stillborn
  • 40 were small-for-dates
  • 15 were low birthweight
  • 7 were malformed
  • 3 infants died of sudden infant death syndrome.

After both partners completed the preconception care program, 327 couples conceived and had a healthy baby.  All babies were born with an average birth weight of 3265 grams. Significantly, there were no miscarriages or malformations.

4-month preconception care plan can help prevent miscarriage, premature labour, stillbirths and birth defects and appears to have a success rate of over 80%.


Ref: Ward, N. Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, 1995, 5: 205-208.

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