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  • Cannabis Use in Pregnancy & Neonatal Outcomes

    Shockingly, cannabis use in pregnancy is on the rise. Perhaps there is a misperception that if cannabis is good for some health issues, then it must be good for us in general. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We should also remember that medicinal cannabis is completely different to recreational cannabis. This retrospective cohort […]

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  • Prenatal Vitamin Morning Sickness Relief Morning Sickness: Symptoms & Relief

    You’re pregnant, yay!  Congratulations!  Unfortunately, around 6 weeks of pregnancy, the symptoms of morning sickness can start.  Here are a few tips that may help you find relief. Any woman who has suffered from morning sickness knows that it is absolutely debilitating.  It affects a woman’s ability to work and has a psychological, emotional and social […]

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  • Prenatal Care Trimester 2 & 3 Birth Preparation Webinar by Nikki Warren Fertility Naturopath How To Choose The Best Prenatal Vitamin

    With so many prenatal vitamin supplements on the market, how on earth is a health-conscious mama supposed to choose the best one for her and her bub? The foundation for a healthy conception and pregnancy is for both partners to follow a preconception care plan which includes eating a healthy (preferably organic) diet, leading a [...] Continue Reading
  • Prenatal Care Trimester One Webinar by Nikki Warren Fertility Naturopath Morning Sickness Relief

    So now you get to grow this baby, you pregnant mama!  Not sure if you know, but pregnancy isn’t always a smooth ride.  Wait, what?  I thought it was all about the GLOW and long pretty mermaid hair? You may be experiencing some not so fun pregnancy symptoms, here are some tips and tricks of the [...] Continue Reading