Fertility & Preconception

How Long Should I Wait To Conceive After Miscarriage?

“How long should I wait after a miscarriage before conceiving again?” This is a common question following a miscarriage or therapeutic abortion.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends waiting at least 6 months after miscarriage or abortion before attempting to conceive again. The reason for this is to reduce the risk of adverse birth outcomes in the next pregnancy.

Preconception Care

Following a preconception care plan for 4 months is highly recommended by naturopaths. It is especially important for both partners after a miscarriage.

There are several reasons a miscarriage can occur and one reason not often considered is poor sperm quality. It takes 72-76 days to make sperm from scratch. During that time they are highly vulnerable to damage. Toxins such as cigarettes, alcohol, pesticides and drugs can have a negative impact on developing sperm. Heat from tight underwear, spas and hot baths can also affect sperm quality.

Men can dramatically improve sperm health by taking a multivitamin. I recommend Preconception Multi for Men alongside diet and lifestyle changes.

For a woman, it is important that she builds her nutrient reserves prior to the next pregnancy. I recommend a healthy diet and lifestyle, along with a multivitamin such as Preconception Multi for Women.

It is possible that she has a hormone imbalance which contributed to the miscarriage. A fertility naturopath would be able to prescribe an appropriate herbal prescription.